Bad Economies Affect Entertainment Very Little

Everywhere you look, it's unemployment this... layoffs that. The nation is in the midst of an unprecedented economic downturn and no doubt it's affecting the economy. During these challenging times, you may be wondering if the bouncer or inflatable industry is the right industry for you - and that's understandable.

The simple fact of the matter is, research shows that regardless of how sour the economy gets, keeping a high morale is still very important. While other facets of life might be less than ideal, people still have an innate desire to have fun. And with that said, it's no surprise that the leisure, party, and entertainment industries have been affected very little by recent financial trends.

Simply put, no matter how bad the economy gets, very few parents (if any) will eliminate a party or inexpensive celebration for their children. Bouncers, inflatables, and moonwalks are still arguably the least expensive form of fun. They provide hours of endless entertainment, and a safe environment for children of all ages. While more lavish expenditures may be off the table, parents who would once pay for an expensive day at a theme park are now turning to more affordable alternatives.

This season will potentially be a very lucrative one, despite what intuition might indicate. Look for a new trend we anticipate this Summer: "Staycations." With families forced to tighten their spending, staying in, throwing local parties, and enjoying fun activities at home will quickly become the more viable alternative.

Lets look at the Facts (As of December 31, 2008):
• The video game industry (a multi billion dollar industry), grew 9.5% in 2008 *despite the recession.
• Plasma and LCD TV sales grew a staggering 52%, as more families opted to stay home.
• In the last recession of 1979-1982, leisure spending actually INCREASED by 2.5%

We're realists, and we understand that business can be challenging. We realize it can (and likely will) be a tough year. But Bouncing Angels has the expertise and the experience to help your business flourish in any kind of economy. Sometimes the best way to boost low morale is by doing fun activities. Your party rental and inflatable business can do extremely well in any market, IF you market correctly. Contact us today, and we'll show you how. We have some new inflatable bouncers that will surely be a big hit this season.