Product Description: 

LOW AMPS DRAWS ON # BP-1's HIGH OUTPUT @ ONLY 6.9 !: Avoid breaker tripping and service calls to clients. NOISE LEVEL: Our units are one of the quietest in the industry! STABLE/BALANCED DESIGN The BP-1 blowers are designed like a pyramid for stability! A wider base with a center point of gravity, to avoid tipping over. STACKABLE: The BP-1 blowers are designed to be stacked high, due to their center point of weight with an interlocking base and top. BUILT IN HANDLE: Designed for ease of handling, carrying and storing. WARRANTY: 1 Full year on motor, parts, labor and 1-way ground shipping included from date of purchase. 5 Full years on housing from date of purchase. REVERSE AIR FLOW BLOCKING LOUVERS: The BP-1 blowers' unique Patented snug shut louvers are designed to slow down the reverse airflow in case of a power failure. RECESSED ON/OFF SWITCH: Designed to protect on/off switch from damage or break off. EXCLUSIVE FAN BLADE: Exclusively designed fan blade designed for maximum output and low amp draw.

Item Details: 


Model # A103
Size(s): 35L x 13W x 16H
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 1.5 Years


1 1.5 HP Air Blower
4 Anchoring Spikes
1 Tarp
1 Air Flow Zipper
4 Patch Kit
1 Vinyl Cement (Glue)
1 Safety Rules
1 Business Card Holder