Product Description: 

1.5 HP, 1PH, 110V/22VV, 60HZ/50 HZ, SINGLE SPEED RPM: 3450 USA, 2800 Europe, CFM 900 to 1000 HEAVY DUTY INLET/OUTLET SCREEN PROTECTION 25FT 14 GAUGE HEAVY DUTY SJTW ELECTRIC CORD NEW BUTTERFLY ON/OFF SWITCH (RAIN RESISTANCE) STACKABLE MACHINE SIZE: 21" X 18" X 15" PACKING SIZE: 21.5" X 18.5" X 15.5" VERY QUIET 1 YEAR WARRANTY Ideal for large Inflatables or Old Inflatables that needs more air and pressure completely redesign and reengineering for 2008 and guarantee much better performance than before.

Item Details: 


Model # A118
Size(s): 35L x 13W x 16H
Indoor: Yes
Outdoor: Yes
Warranty: 1.5 Years


1 1.5 HP Air Blower
4 Anchoring Spikes
1 Tarp
1 Air Flow Zipper
4 Patch Kit
1 Vinyl Cement (Glue)
1 Safety Rules
1 Business Card Holder