It’s no secret. Any business will survive or thrive based upon their cash flow. Thankfully, a rental business provides an excellent source of cash flow, whether as a part time secondary job – or as a lucrative full time business. We’ve developed the following chart to illustrate the type of expected revenue one can expect with Bouncing Angels’ units and a little bit of promotion in your local market. National average rental rates our much higher, but please see the following model:

Average Rental: $100 USD x (Each Unit) Rented 1.5 Times Per Week:


Inflatable Units Per Week Per Month Per Year
3 Inflatables $450.00 $1,900.00 $23,400.00
6 Inflatables $900.00 $3800.00 $46,800.00
9 Inflatables $1,350.00 $5738.00 $70,200.00
15 Inflatables $2,250.00 $9563.00 $117,000.00
18 Inflatables $2,700.00 $11,475.00 $140,400.00
25 Inflatables $3,750.00 $15,938.00 $195,000.00
50 Inflatables $7,500.00 $31,875.00 $390,000.00


Keeping It All Organized:

Cash flow aside, one crucial element of running any rental business is being able to keep track of it all. Thankfully, with our expertise and knowledge – we’ll keep you on top of it all. We also recommend, which is a fantastic tool for any rental company. The simple to use application will keep track of your inventory, schedules, pick-ups, online interactive calendar/ booking system and much more. Even make money while you’re sleeping!

What about Financing?

One of the hardest parts about any business is acquiring the financial means to get up and running. Thankfully, we’ve partnered with some amazing companies who have helped several businesses get off the ground. With a manageable and low monthly payment, your units will not only pay for themselves, they’ll generate positive cash flow for your business. If you’re looking for a financial institution, we highly recommend:

Clearview Financial
64 Basin Street SW
Ephrata WA, 98823
Toll Free: 888-408-8805
Direct: 509-754-8805
Fax: 509-754-8809


Dave Yates
Account Representative
Online Application: Click Here

Crest Capital
8601 Dunwoody Place
Box 88233
Atlanta, GA 30356
Toll Free: 800-245-1213
Fax: 888-391-6728


Mike Duncan
Account Representative
Online Application: Click Here